Clockwise Offices, 48-60 High Street, Belfast, BT1 2BE
June 5, 2019
5:30 pm
48-60 High Street, Belfast, BT1 2BE
Alison Matthews, VirtuAli Administrative Solutions
Clockwise Offices
Save on Sanity with VirtuAli and the VA Heroes

Are you getting worn out by having to do all the things and with wearing all the hats? Let's save your sanity.

About this Event

Are you an entrepreneur or a small business owner who wants to save on sanity? Are you worn out by having to do all the things and wearing all the hats?

It's time to focus on the stuff you love and finally get back to providing your unique talents to your customers. We’re ready to respond to your SOS and help you learn to use the tools and systems needed in your business to Save on Sanity!

Register for our Save on Sanity event at Clockwise on the 5th June to learn:

  • How to automate and systematise your business to give you more time both to grow your business and for your personal life
  • Tips and tricks to manage your time better
  • How to take charge of your to do list (and your life)
  • How to get on top of your workload and more importantly find the time to switch off!
  • What types of tasks you can and should handover to someone else
  • What a Virtual Assistant (VA) actually does and the many ways they can help you.
  • Virtual Assistant vs Full-time Employee - the advantages of hiring a contractor
  • How to find your perfect spare set of hands.
  • Get a free step-by-step guide for hiring contractors and freelancers.

So who are the VA Heroes? We are a collective of 4 VA's based in Northern Ireland:

AVA Alexander Virtual Assistance (Gayle Alexander) -https://ava-ni.com/

  • A specialist in video & digital marketing

Ambriel Ltd (Wendy Cree) - https://linkedin.com/wendy-cree/

  • A specialist in Executive Assistant Services working closely with busy MDs & business owners.

Calibrated Concepts (Ellie McBride) - https://calibratedconcepts.com/

  • A specialist software, tool & systems and social media support

VirtuAli Administrative Solutions (Alison Matthews) - https://virtuali.uk

  • A specialist in automating/streamlining processes & data management

Would you like to offload tasks that aren’t within your skill set or you just don’t like doing? We are the Virtual Assistant (VA) Heroes and we are coming to your rescue!

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